Recycling Containers and Bins

Secure confidential waste containers for storing your documents

As well as our range of confidential waste containers, we also supply a range of office recycling bins. These bins are suitable for the following materials:

  • aluminium cans
  • non-confidential paper
  • plastic bottles
  • glass bottles
  • plastic cups

The products have been designed to offer a flexible and affordable solution to encourage your staff to segregate their waste, and recycle as much as possible.

Most ranges incorporate colour coded lids and labelling, following WRAP's guidance, to further aid the segregation process.

recycling containers


Please fill out the form below or call 0800 376 4422 to ensure that your confidential information is safely and securely disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Unsure of what you require? our friendly team would be more than happy to advise..