Large corporate companies

Organisations of all sizes have a responsibility to keep their customer, supplier and employee data secure. ID fraud is a serious and growing problem in the UK, estimated to cost the economy in the region of £3bn per annum.

A secure shredding service for large corporate businesses

Without disposing of confidential waste via a method such as shredding, which renders it unusable, then your business documents and customer data can be repurposed and abused

Large companies, as well as small businesses and individuals, are often targeted by criminals for the confidential information that they hold. If this information is not stored, transported and destroyed securely, instances of ID theft can occur.

Large corporate organisations will need to store, transport and destroy the following forms of data, in a secure and responsible manner, in order to protect their customers, suppliers and employees, and also to avoid paying hefty fines:

  • Customer application forms and contracts
  • Letterheads and correspondence
  • Bank details, NI numbers and employment history
  • Addresses. dates of birth and phone numbers
  • Financial reporting and annual reports

Our service includes:

  • On-site or off-site confidential information destruction options
  • Secure destruction of confidential waste to BS15713:2009 standard
  • Security vetted staff to BS7858
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • Disposal of redundant IT equipment
  • Full audit trail and management reporting


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