Legal Sector

Our regular shredding collection means that as a matter of course we will collect your out-of-date legal documents from secure containers and ensure they cannot be misused.

A highly compliant shredding service for law firms

Legal organisations, including law firms, barristers, legal practices, the Courts Service and public sector bodies have a huge responsibility to their clients to protect the personal information they hold, and are duty bound to operate to strict privacy regulations. Loss of such information could have a devastating effect, not only on the client but also on your organisation's reputation.

For example, if case notes were to fall into the wrong hands following a security breach where the information wasn't disposed of correctly, evidence could be lost, a witness account could be compromised and the outcome of such a case could be influenced.

Data Protection Act compliance for the Legal sector

Complying with the Data Protection Act is a given for all legal organisations. Working with an accredited confidential destruction company will give you the peace of mind that all your redundant documents, data and information is completely destroyed, securely and completely.


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